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Gynecology (in Greek, gyne, gynaikos means a woman, logos – the teachings) is a field of clinical medicine, which studies anatomic-physiological, physical and mental peculiarities of the female organism in different age periods, diseases of the woman’s genital system, methods of their prophylaxis, diagnostics and treatment.
There are a number of diseases, which are efficiently treated with FarGALS.

Indications for the use of the preparation in gynecology:
-    cervix erosion;
-    cervicitis;
-    colpitis;
-    vulvovaginitis of the bacterial and mycotic etiology.
Clinical studies were carried out on the basis of the 2nd Clinic of the Tashkent Medical Academy (in the department of obstetrics and gynecology N 2).

Tasks of clinical studies:
To assess the antibacterial and wound-healing efficiency, as well as the tolerability of the new preparation FarGALS when treating patients with pyo-inflammatory processes on the mucous  membranes of cervix of the uterus and vagina, as well as patients with non-infected postoperative wounds. 

Clinical trials showed that:
FarGALS accelerates cicatrization of postoperative wounds, has a good local anti-inflammatory effect and wound-healing activity. Comparison of the results by the wound cicatrization term showed that in patients with apparent cervix erosions treated with the preparation, the growth of granulation tissue started 6-8 days earlier than in cases where the preparation FarGALS was not used for therapy. This fact was proved statistically. 
The results of clinical trials clearly showed that antimicrobial therapy, involving the local application of the preparation FarGALS, produced a positive effect  on the majority of patients suffering from inflammatory diseases of the mucous membrane in the cervix of uterus and vagina. A similar effect was recorded in cases where the preparation was used as a prophylactic of postoperative wounds.
At the same time, a high antimicrobial, anesthetic and regenerative effect was observed, while the duration of treatment shortened and the indicators of bacterial smears in women with inflammatory diseases in the cervix’s mucous membrane and vagina improved significantly. 
No toxic or side effects associated with the preparation’s use were revealed. 
FarGALS prescription scheme:
2 ml of the preparation diluted with distilled water 1:2, once a day locally within 3-7 days, depending on the area of affection on the mucous membrane and a postoperative stitch externally in the form of applications or tampons gently soaked in the preparation FarGALS.
                                Cervical erosion
         Before treatment               On the 5th day after treatment