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In March 2007, FarGALS has been registered as a veterinary preparation.
Indications for use:
The preparation FarGALS is used to treat infected wounds, all sorts of injuries and pyo-inflammatory diseases of the skin. Besides, the preparation may be used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in the case of stomatitis, otitis, dermatitis and postoperative wounds.
Method of application:
When treating infected wounds and pyo-inflammatory diseases of the skin, FarGALS is used in the form of bathing or applications (in the native form or diluted with distilled water 1:1) once or twice a day.
The treatment takes from 1 to 14 days, depending on the area of affection.
When treating genitals in female animals, the preparation is used locally in the form of applications or tampons, gently soaked in the preparation FarGALS (2 ml diluted with distilled water 1:2 once a day).
The duration of therapy is 3-7 days.
Results of the application of FarGALS in veterinary:
The preparation FarGALS has an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect, intensifies metabolism in tissues, has a pronounced necrolytic effect and facilitates both the clearing process on the surface of infected wounds and regeneration of injured cells and tissues, which, in turn, speeds up the cicatrization of wounds by 2-4 days.  In addition, the preparation has a local sedative effect in the case of dermatitis, with the chronic and slowly-flowing processes transforming into a sharp form within 1-2 days, thereby contributing to a better outcome.