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As is generally known, the risk of pneumonia increases with the duration of mechanical ventilation of the lungs. Herewith, the source of infection are the lungs in 70% of patients. Among the factors, determining the etiological structure of bronchopulmonary complications, above all, the prior antimicrobial therapy and the duration of mechanical ventilation should be defined. The problem of prevention of scar stenosis of the trachea after prolonged mechanical ventilation remains important and urgent. 
Inclusion of the "FarGALS" drug in the form of inhalation therapy and Fibro-broncho-kopic bronchial lavage into the complex of post-operative prophylaxis and treatment of inflammatory lung diseases in patients, being on prolonged mechanical ventilation, allows to reduce the incidence of early and late specific bronchopulmonary complications from 23% to 8%; achieve clinical improvement of patients already on 2-3 day; and shorten recovery period from 8-10 to 5-6 days.
High activity of the domestic drug "FarGALS" against multi-resistant strains of causative agents determines the expediency of its further study and its application by patients who are on LAVL.
The method of application: FarGALS is used in 1:4 dilution with distilled water as inhalation therapy and bronchial lavage passed through the fibreoptic instrument channel.