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I got acquainted with the drug by accident. I work as a carpenter and there are always cuts. In the pharmacy I asked him something wound-healing. Advised this drug. The healing is capital. The blood stops quickly. When a splinter got into his hand, suppuration started, applied a bandage moistened with fargals and after a couple of days splinters left freely and suppuration ceased. One colleague fell and smashed his lip. She was swollen and swollen. I put a tampon on his lip. In the evening, already swollen asleep. When the gums ached, he started rinsing the drug. Pain as a hand took off. When working with plaster, fingers around the nails crack. After he applied the dressing with the drug for two days and order. The main thing is not to wet this place. After the operation, my mother was told to apply vodka with salt to the seams. I began applying fargals. A week later, it was not noticeable that there had been an operation recently. There was an inconspicuous scar. The doctors were very surprised.


I am grateful to the creators of the drug since I had an inflamed gum. For many days I suffered from shooting pains rinsed with lobrofen, rinsed with saline solution and heres a miracle I tried Fargals and everything went for me in one night and I am grateful to the creators of this drug.


I had herpes. Applied three days 1 time per day for 20 minutes in pure form. The sore fell off, everything passed. Thank you


Hello . My name is Artem . To me this medicine oh how it helped. I have children and in case of any wound, I treat them. Heals itself instantly. Thank you !!!


For a long time I wanted to thank the creators of this medication. We call it in our family as The Miracle Liquid. We have been taking this medicine for at least 10-15 years and constantly learn something new about its properties. It treats burns, sores, sore throat, open wounds, and million other different health problems. As a result, out of all the drugs that we have in our medical kit there left almost exclusively FarGALS. For all life occasions. I can conclude that this drug is the medicine of the future.


For more than 10 years, I have been using this drug as an anti-inflammatory medicine for colds, and it also helps to treat duodenal ulcer. I have checked it on myself. Thus, this drug is always in my medical kit. I recommend it.


I used FarGALS to remove allergic rash that my son (8 months) had had. Before he had suffered a month, but nothing helped! Neither ointment, nor cream, nor powder helped! With FarGALS rash was over during three 3 days! Entirely! The only thing that I would like to note is that FarGALS could not be washed out of the clothing. However, this is nothing compared with how quickly and efficiently it helps!


In general, FarGALS is a unique product! I applied it after each operation (I had ten of them) where antibiotics did not help. FarGALS helped to remove all inflammation processes, infection, and heal all the wounds. Many THANKS to producers of this unique drug. Just a magical medicine. THANK YOU.


Hello, I am also familiar with FarGALS. Inflammation (herpes) has begun on my lip. I cauterized it with FarGALS, and the result - as if nothing had ever been happened. The second case: I cut my finger and treated it with FarGALS. Immediately the bleeding has stopped. My parents use it for sore throat (gargle), toothache, and even for burns. By the way, today a wasp stung our granny; she put FarGALS and forgot about it. Thank you!!!


Hello. I’ve burnt myself. I have had a burn. Nothing helped. The drugstore advised FarGALS. It healed the burn in three days. I applied it only two times per day. Thank you very much.


I had a bad cold and was sick with sinusitis. I have found out about FarGALS. I had applied it twice and it helped me a lot. Thank you.


I got sick with a chicken pox. There were rashes on my body and in addition, I had stomatitis. I was advised to use FarGALS. I felt better after the second application. Thanks you.


Before, I had terrible pain in the stomach. Doctors diagnosed gastritis. I learnt about FarGALS and decided to try. After three days of using this drug the pain subsided. Soon I forgot about the heartburn and pain. Thank you!

Regina (Tashkent)

The fact that my dog had herpes scared me very much. Some friends of mine advised me to try FarGALS. Thank you for such a wonder-working medicine, which healed my dog completely.


We have never thought that a given preparation can be used to treat otitis. Our friends from Uzbekistan recommended us to use FarGALS for this purpose. Our child no longer suffers from a severe pain in ears. Needless to say, that is the main thing for us. We have been using the preparation only within 3 days – and the success is colossal! Even our doctor is amazed. The only inconvenience is that we have to order your preparation in Tashkent. Hence our question is: When will it be possible to buy FarGALS in Russia? Thanks you very much!

Yuliya Ibragimova (Tashkent)

In our family, FarGALS is an indispensable medicine. We use it in many cases, including burns, pain in the throat and other conditions. My grandmother suffers from diabetes, and thanks to this preparation, we could avoid a surgical operation. All members of our family are very grateful to its creators.


First of all, I’d like to thank those who developed this wonderful preparation. My family and all friends of mine use FarGALS. This is particularly true of my 7 year-old son, who asks us to apply the preparation to any wound inflicted when he masters Oriental single-combat techniques, or when any early signs of cold appear. He doesn’t take any other medicines. I think you know very well how difficult it may be to give one or another medicine to a child. As far as the preparation FarGALS is concerned, there are no such problems at all. Thank you very much!


I use your preparation rather frequently. Here is my story to highlight the wonderful properties of this medicine. If you have stomatitis, FarGALS will help very quickly. Rinsing the mouth with the preparation once or twice will be enough to reach its full cicatrization. One day I had my tooth pulled out. Immediately afterwards I treated the resulting wound with FarGALS. There was no pain at all, even when the effect of temporary anesthesia finished. And the cicatrization period was very short. I always put FarGALS to any cut, for two reasons: it acts as a disinfectant and hemostatic. I cannot remember all the cases, in which the preparation came in handy, but all the members of my family use FarGALS whenever possible. Thanks a lot!

Aziza (Tashkent)

FarGALS works well in gynecology. I had a thrush. My sufferings were enormous. It was impossible to get rid of continuous itch. I used all sorts of medicines, with little or no effect. Then I turned to FarGALS. I applied the preparation twice a day during 5 days. The results were colossal. My thrush went away completely. You cannot imagine what a great happiness it is to be healthy again! I thank the creators of FarGALS and wish them every success.

Marianna (the US)

I was one of the first people who began to believe in the wonder-working power of FarGALS. It was after the treatment with the preparation of wounds that appeared when I had two teeth extracted simultaneously. A dental prosthetist didn’t believe his own eyes, when he saw the completely cicatrized wounds 2 days after the operation, and he could continue his work. Now this preparation is always with us – at home and in trips. It is an indispensable medicine in a summer house. My husband, who takes all novel medicines very skeptically, because of his asthma, assesses this preparation very high. We buy a big pack of FarGALS, it is very convenient, since the preparation doesn’t deteriorate. Thanks a lot!

Firuza (Tashkent)

We used the preparation to treat our grandmother. She had bedsores, since she was a bed patient within 8 years. Despite all our nursing efforts and the use of various medicines, bedsores used to appear in summer anyway. But thanks to your preparation FarGALS, she didn’t suffer in the last two years of her life. We are much obliged to you.

Favziya (Tashkent)

After the extraction of a molar tooth, the resulting wound cicatrized literally next day, because I put a small piece of cotton wool impregnated with the preparation to the wound 2 hours after the extraction. The pain went away immediately. All my friends treat any cuts or raw sores with FarGALS and are very glad with the results. The effect is amazing! The preparation cicatrizes and anesthetizes rapidly!

the Chebanovs (Tashkent)

Our great thanks for this unique preparation! All members of our family use it!

Kamil (Republic of Bashkortostan)

I was suffering from the professional disease of all male drivers – hemorrhoids - for a long time. Sometimes my condition was so severe that I couldn’t even go to work. The grip of the disease was so strong that any movement was nigh on impossible. Doctors recommended an operation. But I didn’t want to undertake such a surgery, because I had heard that not everything goes off smoothly for many patients. Popular remedies were of no help any longer. My friends from Tashkent delivered your preparation to me. I tried it and voila, nothing disturbs me for almost a year. Probably, it is not a mere chance that Avicenna lived on the Uzbek land. And you invented one more miracle there! I wish you luck and happiness. Thanks a lot!


Well done! FarGALS is a super medicine!

Luiza, 51 (Tashkent)

It is my letter-gratitude to the creators of the preparation FarGALS. I’d like to pour out my thanks to those, who created the unique preparation FarGALS. My family has been using it in the space of several years. When my granddaughter was born, intertrigoes in several parts of her body, including the neck and inguen, were so severe that the skin burst. We started putting the preparation to the afflicted areas. Indeed, cicatrization was very quick – within 2-3 days, without leaving a trace. My husband is a welder, and no wonder, then, that burns and cuts are in the usual run of things for him. When a burn or a cut happens, we immediately apply the preparation thereto, in the firm belief that cicatrization will be 100 per cent. One day my junior daughter fell and hurt her knee, with painful consequences: the stripped-off skin, reddening, swelling and suchlike. As a result, she couldn’t even bend her leg. After a single application of the preparation, the pain abated, the swelling diminished, the knee’s functions normalized quickly and my daughter could bend her leg as before. As for me, I often felt a pain in the stomach, which made it impossible to eat. My doctor advised me to take sounding, whereupon the diagnosis was clear: a duodenal ulcer on the front side. The pain was so strong that I couldn’t even look after the house. My only wish was to lie in bed. Meanwhile I was growing thin. At a diagnostic center, doctors offered me a procedure, where an appropriate medicine is infused via a probe. I refused and decided, at my risk, to take the preparation FarGALS. One teaspoonful of the solution, diluted with 3 teaspoonfuls of boiled water, was taken on an empty stomach within 5 days. I felt relief after taking the second doze of the medicine. With the pain in my stomach going away, I started eating intrepidly. Medical examination showed that the duodenal ulcer cicatrized. This year, however, I had a stomachache again. Sounding helped to diagnose an ulcer in the lower part of the stomach. All at once, I began taking FarGALS on an empty stomach in the course of 5 days. And the result was the same: pains went away quickly, the ulcer cicatrized and I felt relief. What’s more, I became stronger and more active, the level of hemoglobin returned to normal (previously, though, I had anemia). This is how FarGALS treats different diseases. Not long ago, my senior daughter went through an operation (cholelithic disease). Before the operation she took the FarGALS solution on an empty stomach within 5 days, because her immune system was very weak. After the operation, she put applications with the preparation FarGALS to pinholes and postoperative stitches. As a result, everything cicatrized quickly and painlessly. She was very glad with the result and could go to work in a few days. Besides, we use FarGALS to treat women’s diseases. Syringing with this preparation during 3 days (using 1 ml of the solution) resulted in the cessation of light-brown discharges. After examination, a gynecologist confirmed that my cervix erosion cicatrized. Additionally, we applied the diluted solution (1:2) to gums, and now they don’t bleed and grow stronger. Once again, I’d like to thank the creators of this wonderful preparation FarGALS and to wish them every success and good luck in their noble pursuits. I am sure the preparation should be widely used by many people with a view to improving their health.


One day a common wound caused a fit of hysterics in my child. We resorted to the preparation FarGALS. The effect was excellent. Now each time my son hurts his knee or something else, he runs up to me and asks to paint a slight wound or a scratch with FarGALS. And it cicatrizes just before our eyes.

Natalya Petrunina (Tashkent)

I would like to express my thanks for such a miraculous medicine. All my family members use this preparation and we have satisfied ourselves not just once that FarGALS is an excellent medicine. Everybody should have it at home. It is because this preparation can be used to treat a wide range of diseases. Thank you very much.


I have been using your preparation for several years. Thanks a lot. God bless you! I wish you luck and every success!

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